Free Resources for Investing Beginners

Hey, everyone! I’ve been wanting to write a post for quite some time where I share all of the free resources we offer here at Girl$ on The Money. This is for those of you just getting started in your investing journey.

And here we go…

Preparing Yourself to Start Investing – 8 Day Email Course

preparing yourself to start investing.

When you sign up for this email series, you’ll receive one new lesson per day over the course of 8 days right in your inbox. Some of the topics we cover are as follows:

  1. Steps you should be taking BEFORE you embark on an investing journey
  2. The types of (legit) investments where you can put your money: Stocks Vs. Funds
  3. The different types of investment accounts – understanding the difference

….a whole lot more!

To sign up for this awesome (and FREE!) mini-course, click here.

Kickstart your Investing Journey  – Starter Guide! 2021 Edition!!

This is our exclusive starter guide for beginner investors. You can download this for FREE here.

Cover to starter guide

Our Bi-Weekly Investing Newsletters


These are sent out every other Saturday. What makes this newsletter so great (and unique!) is that it is also a way for me to share investing lessons and education on a consistent basis.

I share information on the most recent stock market news (explained in plain English). In terms of education, I sometimes answer the investing question of the week and other times share an investing concept that I feel is important.

The newsletter is also where I share updates on any courses and resources.

To sign up (for free), click here.


…and last but certainty not least:

The Girl$ on The Money Guide to Kickstarting Your Investing journey in 3 Simple steps. – 2021 edition!

If you have ANY questions about any of the above resources or investing in general, send me an email:

Cheers to HEALTH & Profits!



Upcoming Courses & Resources:

Understanding Your Investing Options: Starter Guide for Beginner Investors: New to investing and not sure where or how to begin?! This guide is for you! Check out details here.

Ready, Set Invest: A Crash Course on Being Ready to Invest – The most recent edition of this workshop completely sold out. To be notified of upcoming dates, make sure your name is on the waiting list.

GOTM Investing University: Looking to learn a valuable skill during current times? Check out all the courses we have to offer.


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