The Reason Why I Teach Investing

Most of you might already know I have an MBA in finance.

The original reason why I pursued the degree was that I wanted to become a better investor and learn more about the stock market. I enrolled in my part-time MBA program in January of 2010 while working full time at my corporate job.

About halfway through the program I woke up and smelled the coffee. I realized that the vast majority of the courses I was taking had nothing to do with hands-on investing or the stock market.

Most of the courses were about corporate finance and other subjects that were not necessarily correlated to what I was looking for.

Not to mention my tuition was nearly $1,000 per credit. Thinking back to those days really makes me wonder what was I thinking?!

Thankfully, I managed my finances in a way that I wasn’t relying too much on loans. My employer was also helping with part of the tuition (thank God!). However, that number still makes me cringe. 

I thought about dropping out MANY times. However, I was so advanced into the program that I decided dropping out without the degree would not be a wise decision.

I ended up graduating with honors in the Spring of 2014. It actually took me longer to finish my MBA than my bachelor’s degree. I was 100% part-time and taking just 2 courses per semester. 


I feel incredibly blessed that I was able to obtain a top-notch education from one of the best business schools in New York City.

I am also grateful for my undergrad education. I discovered my love for investing as a senior at the University at Albany. I wouldn’t be who I am without that strong educational foundation! 

The point I am trying to make is that most of what I have learned about stock market investing (specifically) and how to become a successful investor I did not learn in an MBA program.

I learned it thanks to becoming laser-focused in wanting to learn HOW to invest. 

I did my due diligence and sought quality resources, books, and individuals that helped me master the skill. Not to mention 11 years of hands-on investing experience under my belt (and counting).

Jim Rohn _ Self Education

I bought my first stock in 2008 and have picked up a whole lot of knowledge (and investments) along the way. I’m still learning!

It took me many years of hands-on learning to understand the stock market as well as I do today.
I really wish that 11+ years ago I would have found a course like my Stock Investing Bootcamp to teach me what I needed to know to create a solid foundation in my investing journey.

A hands-on class on “real-life” investing would have saved me a whole lot of time and money.
But guess what – things happen for a reason and I’m grateful for it. Perhaps Girl$ on The Money would not be here today if it wasn’t for that journey. 



The Stock Investing Bootcamp for beginners was born out of my passion for investing and teaching people, like myself back in those days, how to master this skill.

The five-weeks class includes THE best skills I’ve acquired over the course of 11+ years. I save you all the money -and most importantly – the TIME it took me to reach the level where I am at today. 

Don’t be the person that spends years trying to figure things out on your own without a set path.

You can only Google terms and strategies so long before you start getting frustrated – and trigger a massive headache :).

Time is literally money and this saying becomes even more REAL when it comes to investing.

I invite you to join the upcoming edition of our Bootcamp. Learn a skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life. For a fraction of 1 college credit! 

Reminder: We’re closing enrollment soon. Classes for the Spring 2020 edition begin on March 23rd.

Remember to invest in yourself. You are worth every penny. 

“See you” There 🙂

Cheers to Health & Profits!


Questions? Send me a message



Not ready to take the investing class just yet? Check out the resources below:

(1) Understanding Your Investing Options; A Starter Guide for Beginners Investors

(2) Stock Market Investing Mini Lessons for Beginners

(3) Stock Analysis 101: Step by Step Guide to Analyzing and Buying Stocks

Note: Books are included with your enrollment in the Investing Bootcamp. 

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