Stocks “falling”? Here’s My Approach

My favorite days in the stock market is when everything is at “all-time highs.” I obviously love getting notifications from my investment app that my stocks reached a higher price.

My second favorite day? When the stock market as a whole drop significantly and the finance media spends the entire day making a big deal about it. Sounds crazy? Hear me out!

Down days to me are days where I am presented with the opportunity of grabbing high-quality investments, that have been on my watchlist, at a deep discount.

Think of it as if your favorite luxury brands all of a sudden go on sale for a limited time. That’s precisely how “down days” feel to me.

Not all “down days” in the market are created equal. Some present us with better opportunities than others.

I personally like to wait for the “serious” down days when the words “correction” or “recession” are being thrown out every 2 minutes. Why? Because those are the days where I can find the BEST “sales” on the stocks or investments I’ve had my eye on.

If you’ve been a student in any of my courses, you know that one of the resources I share is the official GOTM “Watchlist Worksheet.”

This is a document I personally use. It is one of my BEST tools when it comes to planning my strategy around the stocks or funds I want to add to my portfolio.

I keep a running list of the investments I like, including essential data related to those investments. On days like today, I review my list. I can quickly identify the opportunities that are being presented to me on days when the whole world seems to be “panicking.”

I also give my students and clients at “heads up” when opportunities arise so that they remember to review their personal lists as well.

As my mentor Warren Buffett once said:


With that said, the above is just my personal approach to days when things are “rough” for lack of a better word.

If you’re more on the conservative side and days like today make you nervous – there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you’re already investing and trust that your holdings are of high quality and still believe in the companies(because you’ve done your research). However, you’re afraid to check your portfolio for fear of what you might see, here is what I would recommend:

Do not sign on into your investment account “to see” what is happening. That will accomplish absolutely nothing other than freak you out. It will make you want to sell everything, which is something I guarantee you will regret in less than a week.

However, if you’re more like me or more on the “opportunity seeker” side,
decide if there are items in your watchlist that you want to buy and take advantage of the sales.

If you aren’t investing just yet, think about how days like today make you feel. Are you fearful and skeptical OR do you wish you were already investing so that you can take advantage? That can tell you about the type of investor you’ll like to be once you get started :).

That’s it.

Know yourself and act accordingly.

Questions about any of this? Drop them in the comments or email me:

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Wishing everyone an AMAZING week,

Cheers to health, success, love, and profits!






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