What I Read: August 2019 (Part II)

Hello, Everyone! Yes, I am aware September is almost over and there is an “August” on the caption of this post. The reason for that is that I wanted to document I actually ended up reading two books in August (yay!). If you missed part I of August, click here.

With that said, here was the second book:

The Latte Factor

by David Bach


I am a HUGE fan of David Bach. His book – The Automatic Millionaire was one of the first books I read (ever!) on the topic of Personal Finance (I read it back in 2006 or so). That book completely changed my life and my perspective on money and what is “possible”. I credit that book as well as The Millionaire Next Door (By Thomas Stanley) for changing my mindset.

Ah! And by the way, I actually got to meet the honorable David Bach in person earlier this year at a Plutus Awards event in NYC. I will be forever grateful for that:

David Bach and Me

…what a blessing!

But, anyway, back to The Latte Factor. Here is how I would summarize it: A very fun book, very easy to read (quick read!), with eye-opening facts about how anyone can achieve wealth. It is very inspiring. I think is targetted to young Millenials but everyone can benefit from the information. I definitely recommend it.

FYI – Most public libraries have copies of the book and so, there is literally no excuse.

And that is all for now.

Thank you for reading this update :). 

Cheers to Health & Wealth!



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