What I am Reading: August 2019

Hello, Everyone! A brand new month is upon us. For me, that also means I am reading a brand new book. 

I’ve actually been pretty good about completing whatever I am reading within the 30-31 days allotted each month. The only exception has been the book I selected for July 2019. I am not yet done with that book.

One of the reasons is that I’ve actually been reading two books simultaneously. The other reason is that the Bezos book is quite long! However, I am enjoying it.

With that said, here is the other book I’ve been reading and which has now become the official book for August 2019:

Vendes o Vendes de Grant Cardone


This is actually the Spanish version of the Book: “Sell or be  Sold” by Grant Cardone. I borrowed it from the library and they only had the Spanish version, which is fine with me. Great book so far!!! Highly recommended. 

Are you reading anything this month? Let me know in the comments.

Cheers to Health & Wealth!



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