New Series: “Is it Worth The Investment?”

While taking a shower* the other day, I came up with a pretty cool idea for a new series:

“Is it worth the investment?”

*I’ve had many great ideas in the bathroom over the years.

In a series of blog posts (and perhaps soon-to-be video series), I’ll talk about products and services I’ve personally used and whether or not I consider them to be “worth the investment.”

When I use the word “Investment,” I will mean TWO things:
Is it “worth it” as a product or service, AND is it “worth it” as a stock investment that I would personally put my money behind?

There will be instances where perhaps I love the product but would never buy the stock in a million years.

There will also be times when the product or service is not that great, but I might consider buying the stock for some powerful reasons.

And finally, there will be those “sweet spots” where I love the product and would also strongly consider buying the stock.

For any of the above scenarios, I’ll categorize how I feel about the investment by using this breakdown:

Green- I would consider it a “high-quality” investment and would feel comfortable holding on to it for at least 3-5+ years.

Yellow- I’m “on the fence” about that particular stock for one reason or another.

Red- A stock or investment I would avoid and which I consider too risky.

Gray – Not too familiar with the investment to give an educated opinion. I would need to look further into it.

And that’s all for now :). Stay tuned for the first product/service I use to kick off this exciting new series. I’m super excited to share.

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Cheers to health & profits,


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3 thoughts on “New Series: “Is it Worth The Investment?”

  1. GM Mabel!

    How do I subscribe to this blog? I can’t wait to see what you have to say about certain investments.

    1. Hi, Kilena! So happy you are as excited as I am about this new series :). To subscribe to the blog from a cell phone – there should be a link at the very bottom of your screen that says “follow” and you can add your email there. Or, from a desktop computer, the “follow” box should be on the right hand corner of your screen, if you “hover” over that side with your mouse, it should come up. Let me know if any issues.

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