What I am Reading: March 2022

Hey, everyone!

A brand new month is upon us and that means I have a brand new book on deck.

Here’s what I am reading March 2022:

*Updated to add*: I ended up reading two books simultaneously during March. The second book I read was:


By: Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff is a great author! I love his humorous writing style. I enjoyed this book and walked away with some awesome “soundtracks” that I feel will improve my life.

In the book, “soundtracks” refer to the way we speak to ourselves and the mentality we have about what happens to us or the things we want to do—a good book for the personal development category.

The other book…

Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff

By: Matt Paxton

I first learned about the book recently while watching Good Morning America or one of those morning shows, and it caught my eye. I borrowed it from my local library (shout out to NYPL!!).

Why am I reading this book right now? Here’s a bit of a back story:

I welcomed 2022 with exciting changes in my life. One of those “changes” triggered decluttering my apartment to make space and welcome God-sent blessings.

I bought my co-op ten years ago, and this is the first time in my life I had to officially “buckle down” and start throwing things out.

It has been HARD! Not only because cleaning can be tedious in and of itself but also because I am coming across many memories of various stages in my life.

Photos, memorabilia from when I first came to the United States in the early 90s, items from my teenage years, college, all the way to my life as a grown adult.

I welcome every resource that can help me through this transition/decluttering stage of my life. I am hopeful that this book will help.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned that change is not easy by any means. Even when the changes are “good” and definitely God-sent, letting go of your “old self” is still a mourning process. It is important to be compassionate and loving with ourselves as we go through it.

And that’s all, folks! What are YOU reading this month? Share below =).

And by the way – I recently made a GoodReads profile. If you’re on there, add me as a friend! You can find me under “Mabel Nunez.”

With Love & Gratitude,



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