Resources for beginners

New to the world of investing? Looking for a credible platform where you can learn how to become an educated and knowledgeable investor that makes profitable decisions?

You are in the right place!

Girl$ on The Money offers courses, workshops, books, and guides for investing beginners.

If you aren’t ready to invest in a course just yet, check out the resources and best seller books outlined below. 

These are a GREAT place to start:

Understanding Your Investing Options – Starter Guide!

Brand new to the world of investing and are confused about the different types of investment accounts, the different types of investments, and how to select what might work best for you? This guide is for you! 

Some of the topics covered:

  1. Apps Vs. Online brokerage accounts
  2. The difference between stocks, ETFs, Index Funds
  3. The difference between a traditional investment account and IRAs
  4. Roth IRAs Vs. Traditional IRAs
  5. How to select the account and investment vehicle that might work best for you

So much more. 

Mini Lessons for Beginners:

This book teaches you the basics of investing and how the stock market works. After finishing this book, you’ll be more familiar with stock market terms, topics, and strategies. This is all explained in a series of simple and clear “mini-lessons.”

Stock Analysis 101

This book will teach you how to analyze a stock from the inside out using a method called “Fundamental Analysis.” You will learn how to differentiate the trash from the gold when it comes to quality investments. 

Once you’re ready to proceed with some courses, check these out:

Ready, Set, Invest: A Step by Step “Crash Course on Being Ready to Invest: To make an investment in this excellent, highly rated starter workshop, check out details here: Ready, Set, Invest | Recent Replay *Available for a limited time

Stock Market Investing Bootcamp: Six Weeks to Your First Stock and Beyond! To get on the waiting list for the next edition of the class, make sure your name and email are here: Stocks Bootcamp | Waiting List

And, as always, if you have ANY questions about any of the resources listed or anything else email us at

Cheers to HEALTH and Profits,



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