What I Read: September 2020

Hello, everyone!

I’ve back with an update of what I’ve been reading. I am not sure if September was a super busy month for me or whether it just went by too fast but I was barely able to get through one book.

As a matter of fact, October rolled around and I was still not done. Happy to share I finished it over the weekend (pun intended…see book title). 

Here’s what I read in September – 

100 Ways to Happiness

Author: Timothy J. Sharp

This book is supposed to be a quick read. However, took me longer than it should have to read it because September was just weird.

Anyways, the book is filled with quick and practical tips on how to lead a happier life. Each chapter is considered a tip and they’re all pretty short.

I would recommend this book to have around the house for a “pick-me-up” on those day when we’re not feeling our best.

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Tell me: What have you been reading recently? Share below!

For the month of October I am reading an amazing book. I started a few days ago and I am already on chapter 7. That’s actually not that impressive because the chapters are short lol.

Either way, post coming soon about what I am currently reading :).


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