Corporate Governance at Publicly Traded Companies

One of the topics I’ve been talking about on social media this week is diversity (or lack thereof) at publicly traded companies. 

Specifically, I want to address this topic:

How to Find out What Leadership Looks Like at a publicly-traded company. 

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I decided that a good lesson for this newsletter would be to talk about Corporate Governance – the system by which companies are controlled. 

Corporate Governance tells us about the people that are “at the top” and who are making core decisions for the business. 

Let’s say you’re interested in buying stock in a company and, as part of your research, you want to know what leadership looks like. 

OR, perhaps you already have a stock portfolio. You would like to see whether or not the companies where you have invested do a good job (or not) when it comes to diversity in the “C-Suite.” 

In this particular lesson, I will show you – step by step – how you can find this information on your own (from a credible source). 

Let’s do it! 

1. Go to the company’s website and search for a tab that says “Investors” or “Investors Relations” (this is typically at the very top of the webpage or at the very bottom).

2. Once within Investors Relations, look for a tab that says “Corporate Governance.” (this is typically at the very top but can also be towards the bottom of the page).

3. Within the corporate governance tab, you’ll see who the CEO, CFO, COO, Board Members, are. Every person with a “C-Suite” leadership position at that company should be listed, ideally with photos included. This is obviously important because a name alone doesn’t tell us anything.

If you end up trying these steps, let me know how it goes!

Question for you (*confidential*):

I created a confidential survey where all you need to do is answer “yes” or “no”.  No further information is necessary.

The question goes like this:


Would YOU sell off your position in a profitable stock if you find out the company lacks diversity? Let’s assume it is a good investment otherwise (profitable, good business, etc.). However, their issue is a lack of diversity?
Click here to submit your (confidential) answer to this question.


I am interested in seeing how my community feels about this. I want all of you to answer this question honestly (hence why it is confidential). 

And that’s all for now. Questions? Comments? Let me know below! You can also reach me via email at
Cheers to HEALTH and Profits,
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