What I Am Reading: January 2020

Ponte Las Pilas

By: Carlos Marquez


I would describe this book as a “slap in the face” but in a good way (if that makes any sense). It definitely does its name justice.

This book is in Spanish. I’d translate the title into “get it together!!” or “wake up!” not exact translations but the phrases gather the essence of what this book is all about.

This is the true story of Carlos, son of Mexican immigrants who decided he wanted something “different” for his life than what his family had done for generations.

Thanks to mentors that he had growing up, he made it his goal to become part of the 2% of the population. He “grew up” to be a multi-millionaire and business owner of multiple different ventures.

This book goes beyond just being “motivational” and actually provides action steps to WAKE US UP and get us on the journey to success.

He shares what he has learned along the way in a very comical and entertaining writing style.

The bad news is: I do not think this book is available in English =(…my apologies to my English-speaking audience.

However – do not fear – most of the books I’ll read this year will either be in English or have English versions. Stay tuned!

Have an amazing day. Cheers to Health & Profits!



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