What I am Reading: December 2019

WOW! How did we get here? It is the last month of the year and this is just crazy. I have to share I am very proud of myself because I went above and beyond my goal of reading at least 1 book per month in 2019.

There were certain months where I read up to 4 books.

Please note: I don’t say this to brag.

I say this to acknowledge the fact that I actually put in the time and dedication to accomplish this goal. Sometimes we forget about the effort we put into making certain things happen. It is extremely important that we recognize ourselves.

I encourage you to do the same if there’s anything you set to accomplish this year and you did it.

Ok, without further ‘ado, here’s what I am reading this month:

You, Inc. – Discover The CEO Within

By: Burke Hedges


This book is actually part of my personal library. I bought it at a Barnes & Noble location that was near my corporate job when I was around 24 or 25 years old.

When I wasn’t eating my lunch in my car listening to a radio show about investing, I would spend my lunch hours driving to that bookstore and just browsing through the aisles.

I rarely if ever ate lunch with co-workers. 

Not because of anything negative. It was mostly because most of the time I lived in my own “bubble”.

My brain was always working towards trying to figure out how and when I would be able to leave my career in the insurance industry and pursue a career I actually LOVED. Several years later, I am grateful to be able to say that being goal-oriented paid off. All in God’s perfect timing. 

I read this book once back in the days and I am re-reading it now, several years later. It is one of my favorites.

The book emphasizes the fact that regardless of what happens to us or any challenges we might face in life, we are 100% responsible for turning our lives around. It is up to us to do better when we know better. 

Here’s one of the most captivating stories from the book:

Did you know that Tim Allen (the actor from the popular show “Home Improvement”) was incarcerated when he was in his 20s for selling cocaine?!

He decided to turn his life around and somehow became the producer and actor in one of the most popular shows of all time. He was also the one that came up with the idea for the show.

The book shares those kinds of stories and motivates all of us to take full responsibility of our lives. No one is going to save us. We are the “CEOs” of our lives and we should act accordingly.

This book is a short read but is amazing. Have you read it? OR, are you reading anything this month? Let me know in the comments.

Have an amazing week!

With gratitude,



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