What I Read October: Part II

I am aware it is November but wanted to wrap up my October reads by documenting that I was able to read three additional books.

Two of the books listed below are by the same author. They are mostly about how to be more creative in your business and about business success in general.

I found both books to be extremely fun to read (short reads!), entertaining, but most importantly, I learned some amazing tips from both.

And yes, one of them is in Spanish. I provided a translation right below 😉

Roba Como Un Artista: Las 10 Cosas Que Nadie te ha Dicho Acerca de ser Creativo

BY: Austin Kleon

Steal Like an Artist: The 10 things No One Has Told You About Being Creative



Show Your Work: 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

By: Austin Kleon


Email Marketing Demystified

By: Mathew Paulson


This last book is more business-oriented. I learned some amazing strategies and found the book to be 100% worth the investment. 

Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments. Or, simply let me know what you read this month.

Some of you might be wondering how I’ve been managing to read so many books. I think a major factor is that I’ve cut down a lot on social media. I used to waste WAY too much time there. I’ve incorporated systems in my business so that I don’t have to be constantly connected. That has made a HUGE impact on boosting my time and improving time management! Ah! And I don’t watch as much TV ;).

And by the way – I am not “skimming” these books or just reading 3 chapters and calling it done. I am reading cover to cover. 

Cheers to Health & Wealth 🙂



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