What I am Reading: January 2019 (Part II)



Hello, Loves!

So, yup! You read that right. This is Part II of “What I read in January” because I somehow found the time to read 2 books. Not only did I read them but I actually went back to analyze everything I had highlighted or underlined.

Here is the thing – I am always a bit skeptical of people that say they read “10 books per month” or something crazy like that because one thing is to read and another thing is to actually take the time to absorb the knowledge you get from the books.

I don’t know about you but I don’t read books to brag about how much I read. The purpose is to obtain knowledge that I can then apply to my life to make it better. 

The book I had in the queue for February and which I ended up reading in January is:

Atomic Habits


The book was recommended by an amazing person I met at Fincon 2018 – Amanda from Debt Free In Sunny Ca. The title immediately caught my attention because I am a strong believer that habits can shape our entire life – for better or for worse. Also, the first book I read in January somehow also ties into the topic when it comes to the power of consistency. 

Atomic Habits (just like The Compound Effect) turned out to be an amazing book. Highly recommended! Not only does it include multiple examples and studies of how to use habits to create the life we want, and to become the person we want to become, but it also shares practical, “real life”, steps on how to do just that.

Have you read this book? Let me know!

What are you reading in February? I had some ideas but I am narrowing down some options. Drop your suggestions in the comment section.

I’ll be back soon!

With gratitude,

Mabel $



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