Three simple steps to kick off your investing journey

If one of your goals for the months ahead is to begin your investing journey – the smart way! You are in the right place. I have created a bonus resource for the Girl$ on The Money community, explaining how to get started in three simple steps. My mission with everything I share is toContinue reading “Three simple steps to kick off your investing journey”

What I Read: December 2020

Hello, everyone! WOW! We’ve arrived at the final book recap of 2020. We made it to this point—cheers to that. The book I read this month is one I’ve had in my library for at least three years. I first heard about it through Myleik Teele (founder of the CurlBox) when she used to share booksContinue reading “What I Read: December 2020”

ETFs Investing – Simplified!

It is no secret that I am incredibly passionate about individual stocks.  As a matter of fact, I’d go as far as saying that individual stocks are my “first love” when it comes to investing. However, I have to say ETFs are a very close second. I find these kinds of investments extremelly fascinating. IContinue reading “ETFs Investing – Simplified!”

Resources for beginners

New to the world of investing? Looking for a credible platform where you can learn how to become an educated and knowledgeable investor that makes profitable decisions? You are in the right place! Girl$ on The Money offers courses, workshops, books, and guides for investing beginners. If you aren’t ready to invest in a courseContinue reading “Resources for beginners”

Earnings Season – Explained!

Earnings season comes around once a quarter (four times per year) and is when most publicly traded companies report earnings. A publicly-traded company is a company that sells stocks to the public.  During earnings season, regulated public companies are required by SEC law to submit a summary of how the company is doing – specifically how it performed overContinue reading “Earnings Season – Explained!”

Day Trading Vs. Investing: Know The Difference

A key mission of Girl$ on The Money is to teach people how to INVEST. However, most media, financial networks, and many social media channels focus their efforts on showing the “day trading” side of approaching the stock market – which is very different from investing. In todays post, my goal is to explain theContinue reading “Day Trading Vs. Investing: Know The Difference”