How To Set ACTIONABLE Goals To Start Investing In 2018.

Good day everyone!!! Happy first day of the year. A few months ago I decided to designate my 2018 word to be ACTION and I couldn’t be more excited to hit the ground running with this new year. After ‘recovering’ from spending quality time with loved ones last night – I have spent the earlyContinue reading “How To Set ACTIONABLE Goals To Start Investing In 2018.”

Bitcoin & Crytocurrencies (Volume I)

If you’ve been in tune with the world of investing during 2017 or simply are breathing and have a pulse – you have probably heard about Bitcoin and all the craze around it. As a Stock Market Investing Educator, I have received a whole lot of questions around this topic and is completely understandable! TheContinue reading “Bitcoin & Crytocurrencies (Volume I)”

New Tax Laws: What It Means For Stock Investors

Hello everyone! I have received many questions about the new “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017”. In case you haven’t heard – this past week was a big deal in the world of taxation. Congress approved new tax laws set to take effect as of tax year 2018 (i.e:. when you file your taxesContinue reading “New Tax Laws: What It Means For Stock Investors”

How To Approach Holiday Sales As an Intelligent Consumer

Hi, Everyone! Back on the blog ready to talk about a popular topic these days – holiday sales! I know that 99% of the time my topics revolve around stocks and investing. However, intelligent investing cannot happen without a clean slate from credit card debt and some good amount of savings. There are levels toContinue reading “How To Approach Holiday Sales As an Intelligent Consumer”

Introduction To Dividend Investing (Part III)

Hello everyone and welcome to the final part of my mini series on dividend investing for beginners. Remember to check out Part I and/or Part II if you missed them. In this final part of the series I would like to focus on some additional factors you should be aware of when it comes toContinue reading “Introduction To Dividend Investing (Part III)”

Introduction To Dividend Investing (Part II)

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week so far! On my last post, I shared Part I of a mini-series on Dividend Investing. In today’s post we’ll dive a bit into an important metric you should be aware of when it comes to choosing dividend stocks. I’ve also received a few questions fromContinue reading “Introduction To Dividend Investing (Part II)”

Introduction To Dividend Investing (Part I)

Hello, everyone! I am back to blogging with a super informative series that I am certain most of you will love. One of the most frequently asked questions from our community and a topic I love talking about (and participating in!) is dividend investing. I’ve realized I haven’t really covered this topic enough. In thisContinue reading “Introduction To Dividend Investing (Part I)”

Understanding Capital Gains (& Losses): General Overview

Good day everyone! I recently received a question about Capital Gains from one of our members and decided it would be a good post to share with you all. As always, I am here to present you with a clear and straight to the point explanation of this popular investing terminology. Capital gains is simplyContinue reading “Understanding Capital Gains (& Losses): General Overview”

What Are The “Costs” Associated With Investing?

A few weeks ago I received a question from a beginner investor in our community that wanted to know what kind of costs or fees to expect when investing. The truth of the matter is that it will mostly depend on the type of platform or service you decide to go with.  In this quickContinue reading “What Are The “Costs” Associated With Investing?”

What It Means to Invest “On Margin”

Good day everyone! Happy Saturday. I have been wanting to share some knowledge on a topic I believe is important to clarify and expand on specially for my beginner investors.  From time to time someone within the Girl$ on The Money community would tell me they have been “invited” to open a margin account orContinue reading “What It Means to Invest “On Margin””