LOLA Retreat 2018

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at the LOLA Retreat – a personal finance conference for women.

The great minds behind this amazing event are Melanie Locket (founder of DearDebt) and Emma Pattee


Melanie and I at the end of a wonderful two days.

The event took place at a beautiful venue – The Financial Gym. Not only did I get to interact with some pretty amazing attendees and presenters but I also soaked in tons of knowledge on various money topics. Below are some of the highlights.

Star struck by Dianne.

I started reading Money Magazine when I was about 21 years old and just fresh out of college. I clearly remember reading that thing from beginning to end including the letters from the Editor In Chief at the time – Dianne Harris!

Needless to say I was very excited to meet her at this event and had to let her know the role the magazine has played on boosting my investing and personal finance knowledge over the years. 


She’s awesome. That is all.

Amazing presenters.

The workshops included topics from how to be healthier financially, how to make more money, how to feel more powerful around money, and how to make our money work for us. We also enjoyed a couple of powerful panels on relevant and very important topics. 

Erin Lowry spoke about getting our financial lives in order.

Kristin Wong, from The Wild Wong, spoke about Powering-Up our money. Here is one of my favorite slides:


Kristin Sutton from Debt Free Black Girl shared her wisdom on demolishing debt like a boss!

Paulette Perhach empowered us all talking about making sure we all have a “F*ck Off Fund”.

Ashtin Berry did such an INCREDIBLE job hosting the #MeToo era panel with Dianne Harris, Paulette, and Kristin Sutton. The girl is TALENTED!

On Sunday we kicked off the day with a delicious brunch and Sandy Smith’s enlightening presentation on how we can hustle our way to financial freedom.

Last but not least I took the stage to talk about one of my favorite topics – INVESTING – with the incredible audience (more on that below).

After Sunday’s presentation we all enjoyed even more wisdom with yet another incredible panel hosted by Melanie on how to survive financial disasters. Featured panelists included Natalie Jean-Baptiste and Liz Gendreau

On that note – when you are done reading this post, make sure to also check out Liz’s amazing recap of the conference here.

Presented on one of my favorite things to talk about – INVESTING!

I had the privilege of sharing tons of nuggets of Wisdom with the LOLA audience about a topic I find so fascinating. I’d like to give a shout out to my best friend Christina for attending the retreat and assisting as my personal photographer and videographer specially during the presentation :).

Some investing facts I shared include:

Women control OVER 20 trillion in consumer spending and 83% of consumer purchases.

This means we have IMMENSE power when it comes to knowledge we can use to make educated investing decisions.


Whenever you purchase a product or service take a second or two to consider the fact that you not only have to be a consumer. You can also be an investor.


One of my favorite things to say:


Few things to consider before you begin your investing journey:


Knowledge is not power. APPLIED knowledge is POWER. Education is KEY.


A bag with cool Swag.

The bonus swag bag included books on one of my favorite topics to read about – personal finance – in addition to worksheets supplementing the workshops plus additional goodies.


The Lola Retreat was such a PHENOMENAL event which I would highly recommend. Conferences, specially for women, held in an intimate setting, where we can not only expand our knowledge on important topics but also interact with like-minded individuals are quite the novelty. Hence, if LOLA comes to a town near you – GO! You won’t regret it.

Have an amazing day and CHEERS to health, wealth, and profits!


Mabel $


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