Favorite Savings Accounts for Emergency Funds (and beyond)



It is no secret that I am a huge stock market fan.

The fact that we have the privilege of investing our money in high-quality stocks and funds that help us build wealth over time is fascinating to me.

With that said, something to keep in mind is that we shouldn’t have all our money invested.

There is a “little” something called emergencies that does not give us a warning. They just show up. Unannounced.

Before allocating any money towards the markets, make sure you have cash in a LIQUID account that is easily accessible when needed.

My favorite accounts for emergency savings (and beyond) for several years now are as follows:

CIT Bank -Savings Connect Program

Savings Connect (CIT)

The highest interest rate comes from C.I.T’s Savings Connect Program. They are paying 2.40% interest as long as you are enrolled in ongoing monthly deposits of $100 – an incredible incentive to save consistently. Click here to learn more.

Note: C.I.T is in no way affiliated with Citibank. It is an entirely different institution.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs –

Some of you might recognize Goldman Sachs as a leader in the investment banking industry. However, as of 2006, the business branched out into consumer services. One of those services is online savings accounts for the general public!

They are currently paying 2.15% interest.


Remember that the higher the interest rate, the more money you’ll receive in interest payments based on your bank deposits. However, keep in mind not all banks are created equal! Do your due diligence before opening up an account.

Both of the banks mentioned above operate under the most up-to-date security standards. They are safe, trustworthy, and highly regulated financial institutions.

Where do you currently have your savings? Is it time to make adjustments?

Questions? Comments? Let me know below! Also, remember you can always email me at hello@girlsonthemoney.com.

Cheers to health and profits!


Mabel $


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