Clarification Regarding Courses

Recently received an excellent question from a member of our community and it went like this:

Do you offer two different classes?

I joined the waitlist for the boot camp I think but I’m not sure if there was another course. Can you clarify?

When it comes to stock investing, I have two main courses:
One is a 2-hour workshop called Ready | Set | Invest which I run monthly (or every other month depending on various factors).
For details about the next workshop, see the link below:
Ready | Set | Invest | 2-hour workshop 
This is a workshop that takes place once per month. This is an excellent headstart for beginners before enrolling in the 6 weeks bootcamp.
Topics convered include:
1.How to select an investment account and understanding the difference between apps and online brokers.
2. How to open and add money to an account in order to make your first investment.
3. How to actually complete a transaction to buy or sell a stock
4. The basics of stock research in order to start making EDUCATED decisions
5. Guidance on how to manage your first investments (and beyond).
For details of the next edition, click here: Ready | Set | Invest | 2-hour workshop 
The other one is the Stock Investing Bootcamp which is a 6 weeks course that I run 4 times per year. The summer 2020 edition is currently in session but there’s still time to enroll.
To get on the list and receive full details, click the link below:
Stock Investing Bootcamp for Beginners | 6 weeks class 
This 6 weeks course take place once per quarter. To get on the waiting list for this particular class, click here.
Any questions please let me know. Comment below or email me
“See you” in class 🙂

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