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Are you a beginner investor? Excited to learn how you can start building long term wealth through investing? You’ve come to the right place! Here is what we currently offer:

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Our Amazon Best-Seller Book for Beginners:

This popular book is currently available in both, eBook and Paperback.

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Investing 101 Seminars

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(*Requires a minimum of 10 participants)

General Objective: The goal of our stock investing 101 seminar is to provide a general overview of the stock market and help attendees understand how the market works and how they can benefit from it. This seminar is exclusively for beginners – individuals with very limited (if any) knowledge of the stock market. The goal is that you walk away from the seminar with a better understanding of the market and get motivated and encouraged to buy your first stock(s).

Seminars are specially designed for groups of at least 10 students within a corporate setting, conference, and/or community event. 

If you are not affiliated with any organization but simply want to get together with a group of friends and get educated about person finance and investing, that works too!

For details regarding our rate for group events and to receive a copy of the syllabus, please email me: to chat further.


Sixty Days to Your First Stock: Investing Boot-Camp!

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This is our capstone popular 5 week program where I walk students through the process of investing. We start at the very basics with topics such as “What is A Stock?” and move on to more detailed information on how to analyze individual stocks, buy your first stock, and ultimately build your very own portfolio of investments. If you’d like more details regarding everything that is covered in the course and wish to enroll in an upcoming course email me:



More to Come!