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From weekly newsletters to best seller books and everything in between, check out some of the resources we have available for investing beginners and those looking to freshen up on their skills:


Weekly Investing newsletter: 

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The Girl$ on The Money investing newsletter is completely free and sent every Saturday morning. I talk about current events in the stock world, share investing education, and keep the community informed about any upcoming courses and/or educational resources. To be part of the newsletter community, simply join HERE. 


Stock Investing for Beginners – Amazon Bestseller:

Consider yourself a beginner when it comes to stock investing and looking for an amazing book with content that is clear, simple, yet highly effective? Check out our Amazon best-seller: Stock Market Investing Mini-Lessons For Beginners. You can invest in this resource, click here.

Bestseller in Wealth Management, Stocks, & Investing Basics!

Note: If you enroll in our Investing Bootcamp, the book is included!



Investing 101 Group Seminars: Live, Save, Inve$t!



The exclusive Investing 101 – Live, Save, Inve$t seminars are a “mini version” of our investing boot camp for beginners and are specially designed for groups of at least 10 students within a corporate setting, conference, and/or community group.  

The class can take place online or in a live setting – depending on your preference.

The content of the seminar can be tailored to the expertise of the group – whether beginners or more advanced investors wanting to take their knowledge to the next level.

If you are interested in this service please email me: for details. Please add “Investing 101 Seminars” in the subject line.




Looking to understand all of your options as an investor before diving into stocks? We have a guide for that! Full details here.

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More to Come!