The Stock Watchlist Worksheet!

Do you wish you had a way to keep track of prospective investments so that you are always READY when opportunities present themselves? We have a tool for that! 🙂 *New resource alert!* Check out the official Girl$ on The Money Watchlist Worksheet. Upon payment, you will receive access to the following: The official worksheet:Continue reading “The Stock Watchlist Worksheet!”

Here’s how much money to keep in savings and investment accounts

I recently received a great question from one of my students:  Hi Mabel!I have a question: how much (%) should you have in your checking vs savings vs investment account? What do you recommend? Thank you! For anyone else out there who might be wondering the same thing, here’s how I answered it: Hi, Gabriela!Continue reading “Here’s how much money to keep in savings and investment accounts”

Stock Market Holidays: 2022

Many investing fanatics (myself included) probably wish the market was open year-round. However, that’s not the case. Below, I share the dates on which the stock market will be closed in 2022: Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, Jan. 17 Washington’s Birthday/Presidents Day: Monday, Feb. 21 Good Friday: Friday, April 15 Memorial Day: Monday, MayContinue reading “Stock Market Holidays: 2022”

The Beginner Investor “Starter Pack”®

Many people stay on the sidelines of investing because of fear and uncertainty. First, they don’t understand the stock market – which often translates into fear. Then, they aren’t sure which resources would be good to start with to educate themselves, which creates uncertainty. To help you immediately eliminate both roadblocks, I’ve put together thisContinue reading “The Beginner Investor “Starter Pack”®”

Apple’s 3 trillion – Here’s what it means

On Monday 01/03/2022, Apple became the first publicly-traded company to briefly reach a market capitalization (value) of $3 Trillion: Now, you might wonder what that means, and why should I care? Here’s a quick lesson: The term Market Cap, short for “Market Capitalization,” refers to the size of a publicly-traded company.  The formula boils down to the stock’sContinue reading “Apple’s 3 trillion – Here’s what it means”

Happy 8th Birthday: Girl$ on The Money!

Today is my blog anniversary. We are celebrating its 8th birthday! In honor of this special day, I want to share the “back story” on how the name was born.  Back in 2013, I was working on Wall Street. My office was right across the New York Stock Exchange. I can’t even begin to tellContinue reading “Happy 8th Birthday: Girl$ on The Money!”

Is Your Bank Returning The Favor?

Note: This post was updated on August 10th, 2022 Banks make money in a few different ways. One of them is by charging you interest or fees for the services they provide. Another major way banks make money is from YOUR money. In other words, when you deposit money in a bank, the money doesn’t just sitContinue reading “Is Your Bank Returning The Favor?”

How To Invest in “Expensive” Stocks

Last year, a valued member of the Girl$ on The Money community tagged me on a post. She was surveying her audience about whether she should purchase Amazon shares or wait until the price drops. Here’s how much the stock was trading at on Friday 06/26/20: Source: Yahoo! Finance One. Single. Share. Fast forward almostContinue reading “How To Invest in “Expensive” Stocks”

My investing story: Thirteen years and counting

Hello, everyone!! In July of 2021, I celebrated 13 years as an investor – it has been well over a decade since I started to invest on my own and manage my portfolio. Below is the backstory about how it all happened. Grab your favorite beverage, and let’s go down memory lane 🙂 I discoveredContinue reading “My investing story: Thirteen years and counting”