What You Should know About Penny Stocks

I recently had a conversation with a friend who started investing not long ago. Her portfolio has a significant amount of penny stocks. At that moment, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was proud that she was investing and taking action. On the other hand, I was disappointed that she was puttingContinue reading “What You Should know About Penny Stocks”

Stock Bootcamp Details

Hello, Future Investor! THANK YOU for your interest in the Spring 2022 edition of the stocks bootcamp. I am super excited to share that registration is finally┬áOPEN! Classes will kick off on Monday, May 9th, 2022, and space is limited.  By registering in this class, you’ll be investing in a valuable skill that will stayContinue reading “Stock Bootcamp Details”

What I am Reading: April 2022

Hey, everyone! A brand new month is upon us and that means I have a brand new book on deck. Here’s what I am reading April 2022: How to Be a Financial Grownup By: Bobbi Rebell  Great book so far. Each chapter tells the story of famous individuals from different industries and walks of lifeContinue reading “What I am Reading: April 2022”

Is it worth the investment? Peloton edition!

This is the first post in our “Is it worth the investment” series. We hope you love it ­čÖé I first learned about the Peloton craze along with most people – when the pandemic kicked off in 2020, and it seemed like the whole world was obsessed. It never even crossed my mind to getContinue reading “Is it worth the investment? Peloton edition!”

Amazon’s 20:1 Stock Split – Explained In Plain English.

On Wednesday, 03/09/2022, Amazon’s (AMZN) board of directors approved a 20:1 stock split. The news exploded all around the finance world. It is something many investors have been anticipating for quite some time. Immediately after sharing the news on social media, I received many questions from the Girl$ on The Money community. Check out the Q&AContinue reading “Amazon’s 20:1 Stock Split – Explained In Plain English.”

New Series: “Is it Worth The Investment?”

While taking a shower* the other day, I came up with a pretty cool idea for a new series: “Is it worth the investment?” *I’ve had many great ideas in the bathroom over the years. In a series of blog posts (and perhaps soon-to-be video series), I’ll talk about products and services I’ve personally usedContinue reading “New Series: “Is it Worth The Investment?””

Google’s 20:1 Stock Split – Explained In Plain English

On Thursday 02/01/2022, Alphabet(NASDAQ:GOOGL), the parent company of Google,┬áreported earnings. The quarterly report card looked great. The business generated $75.3 Billion in sales and $20.64 Billion in profits – an increase of 32% compared to the same quarter last year. With that said, the news that blew most people away (or maybe it was justContinue reading “Google’s 20:1 Stock Split – Explained In Plain English”

What I am Reading: February 2022

Hey, everyone! A brand new month is upon us and that means I have a brand new book on deck. Here’s what I am reading February 2022: Atomic Habits By: James Clear “Fun Fact”: I read this book back in 2019 (here’s proof). However, I enjoyed it so much I am reading it again. AndContinue reading “What I am Reading: February 2022”

Your Investor Checklist for The Week Ahead:

Whether you are new to investing or consider yourself an experienced professional, a plan is always a good idea. Below I share how I plan for the week ahead when it comes to investing. I typically run through these steps on a Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon during my “leisure” time or as time permits.Continue reading “Your Investor Checklist for The Week Ahead:”