Free Resources for Investing Beginners

Hello, my dear community!

Here is a list of the free resources we offer here within Girl $ on The Money.

Yes – we have highly rated investing courses, books, and a Bootcamp that are excellent investments that will help you grow your wealth over time!

However, for those of you that want to check out the free99 resources first, here you go:

Money Management and Investing Blueprint (Digital Guide)

Click here to request your copy!

Money Management and Investment Blueprint

Preparing Yourself to Start Investing – 8 Day Email Course

Click here to register for the mini-course!

preparing yourself to start investing.

When you sign up for this email series, you’ll receive one new lesson per day over 8 days right in your inbox. Some of the topics we cover are as follows:

  1. Steps you should be taking BEFORE you embark on an investing journey
  2. The types of (legit) investments where you can put your money: Stocks Vs. Funds
  3. The different types of investment accounts – understanding the difference

….a whole lot more!

Our Investing Newsletters

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This newsletter is so great (and unique!) because it is also a way for me to share investing lessons and education consistently.

I share information on the most recent stock market news (explained in plain English). Regarding education, I sometimes answer the investing question of the week and other times share important investing concepts.

By being part of the newsletter list, you’ll also be the first to know about upcoming courses and workshops.

If you have ANY questions about any of the above resources or investing in general, send me an email:

And that’s all for now 🙂

Cheers to HEALTH & Profits!



Courses & Resources:

Click here to check out a list of our best-seller investing courses
Click here to get access to our best-seller books and starter workshop


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